Gamer Objectives

This topic will be only to show my main objectives for this year of 2016.

We are already in march and therefore i am a little bit late for my main objects, so to have a better overview about them i split them in two main topics Private and Work Objectives.


  1. Be the man that my wife loves! And take care of the family;
  2. Start the Blog (and keep it actualized, post at least 4 posts per month, which means 1 post per week);
  3. Finish the A GAMER LIFE book that I’ve started last year;
  4. Buy a new Car;
  5. Create and Edit 1 family video per month (this videos will be about last travels that my family did last year);
  6. Travel to Austria, Slovenia, Brazil, France and UK. (YES! All of them with my family);
  7. Lose 10 KGs (yes im not in real good shape, im around 12 Kgs from what i supposed to be);
  8. Start again to play football and Tennis (also some time to swim);
  9. Make a speeking event on my first university;
  10. Finally finish as many games as Possible!!


  1. Finish 2 certifications;
  2. Learn as much as I can to become reference in some specific topic;
  3. Become more politic involved in some aspects of the job;
  4. Have the work/life balance that i want;

for each of this points i will create a Post and explain how i can archive my objectives and how i can take some time to play games in between them 🙂


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