Modern Gamer Life Guide Start

Today i reserved some time just to start this blog. The main purpose of this Blog will be to to explain how I can continue nowadays to play games. You see this is a very tricky question, but before i answer that i will first introduce myself.

You can call me Rufyo, this is my nickname since i was 14 years old and start to play video games 🙂
I am 34 years old, and originally from an island called Vitória which is the capital of Espírito Santo. So then you ask me where is Espírito Santo? This is one of the smallest state in Brazil, on the north of Rio de Janeiro.
Here just a small overview about Vitoria:

But actually nowadays Im living in Munich Germany (YES! I miss my hometown and all that comes with it: Family, Friends and the weather)

I am married since 2012 and last year i was blessed and also terrified with the notion that i will be father! This was the first thing that comes to my head:

So yeah my kid was born last march and this CHANGE all my life! He changed the way i spend time and how i spend my time.

All my friends on the same or similar situation asked me HOW can you still playing video games?? Where did you find TIME for it?? How do you MANAGE to take care of your kid, be a lovely husband and still work hard??

So the main reason of this blog is to explain how i manage my both lifes: Head of the family AND a Hardcore Gamer


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