As i expalined on my first post the main goal of this blog is to explain how you can optimize your time in such a way that you have some time to play your prefered games 🙂

Usually you play video games at home, so a good start point to have some free time is to organize it in a way that you dont need to waste time re-doing some important hause task.

Normally a good hausekeeping strategy starts selecting the main tasks that are to be performed and how often they need to be done. There are pleny of very good guides and examples that you can find in many internet blog articles or pdf books.

A nice one that you can use as reference for many tips is the (from there i got many interesting and time saving tips)
Mainly we can divide the hause keeping in 4 categories:

·         Cleaning: clean bathroom, clean kitchen, clean living room and so on..

·         Maintenance: If something is broken fix it, for instance if the vacuum cleaner is broken buy a new one..

·         Organizational: Paying bills, arrange agreements with neighbours and so on..

·         Cooking: Reserve some time for cooking, it can be any time of the day like lunch or dinner and so on..

Once you stabilishe a good way of doing them you can save a lot of time, imagine saving something like 20 hours a week!! Just for correct organizing all of those tasks above!!

A good hausekeeping structure and oragnization is the basis of my strategy to save time and also enjoy the family time without any problems 🙂